Export of Education, Products and Services from Scandinavia

Class Nord Oy is an International company with the Head office in Helsinki (Finland) and Representative offices in ICELAND, RUSSIA and GEORGIA

PRODUCTS - SERVICES- EDUCATION * * * We support Your business to take advantage of profitable cooperation between Nothern Europe and ex-USSR countries

  • Class Nord Oy is supporting chain for Russian and CIS countries' representatives to launch Finnish and the other Nordic countries' markets
  • Class Nord Oy assists Finnish companies and the other Nordic countries' partners to reach their customers in ex-USSR countries

  • Building of customers data base
  • Postal address for your Scandinavian office
  • Assistance at conferences and trade fairs
  • Teachers from Finland (the World famous education country)
  • Assistance in student works writing
  • Translations (Fin/Swe/Icl/Eng/Rus)

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Our company is a team of professionals offering:

Active cooperation

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Real results

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Solving guestions

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Address: Hermannin Rantatie 24, 00580, Helsinki, Finland

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